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Season's Emergence | Fall

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+ Now is the time of Fall's emergence - Refering to the northern hemisphere: 

Listen to Mother-Earth's voice. In the fall temperatures begin to cool down, wildlife begins it's transitions too with, migrations, nest building, etc.

To hear her language, shift into awareness of earth changes; natures cycles, season's change. Let awareness of our natural world speak to you.

What you learn by just by being aware, could be of extreme value to you. You may not connect with a reason at the moment, however this is your intuition which is an unspoken language of the heart. Intuition is like the most primal; ancient of laguages, the ability has always been available, we need only reconnect with its ways.



a seasons emergence

Her language is clear

...to only a trained ear

A disconnected offspring

may re-learn its mothers voice

 - @Rickbischoff