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Posterous | A Few Great Uses

Slideshows For Sites

I've enjoyed using posterous for over two years and have now found another use for it. Posterous launched the "Slideshows For Sites" in January 2011.

"We launched Posterous in July 2008 because we loved sharing thoughts, photos and videos with our friends and family, but we didn't like how hard it was."
via: posterous

What seems really cool to me is this tag:


Add this tag to the end of the image's anchor link:

<a title=" link title" href="http://your site.posterous.com/post#!/slideshow"><img border="0" src="http://image-auto-posted.jpg" alt="all about image" /></a>

I'm adding this little magic to media that's been “auto posted” via posterous. When images posted here via posterous are clicked, the viewer is sent to the slideshow on posterous. Makes for a much better experience than just viewing the image source.

Multiple Accounts | Multiple Uses

EcoSpiritual Artist Rickbischoff uses Posterous for daily blogging
This is my posterous for daily mobile blogging, which auto-posts to the #Rb140Plus. If you're already familiar with posterous then you probably
already like how the bookmarklet works. Because of my having multiple posterous profiles, I stay logged-in to this account, so clipping pages via the bookmarklet, posts to the #Rb140Plus with ease.

EcoSpiritual Artist Rickbischoff uses Posterous to share sketches publicly
For sharing my sketches. The images shown here are the most raw of sketches; done quickly, like taking a note, to later jar the memory.

EcoSpiritual Artist Rickbischoff uses Posterous to share geo location
Getting away from the computer and into nature. This site was build with the intention of sharing my time in nature, where I connect and gain inspiration.
Watch for mini Land-Art creations, painting, sketching... follow @RbGeoLocale on twitter to find my location and some of the most awesome trails in other parts of the world.

EcoSpiritual Artist Rickbischoff uses Posterous to share creative writings
I've created this posterous to be a space to create and share my Creative Writings; Musings from an Eco-Spirituality perspective.

Try posterous out for yourself ...makes for enjoyable blogging.

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