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Animals Migration Climate Awareness

Animals Moving More Quickly From Warming : Discovery News
Thu Aug 18, 2011 02:51 PM ET
Content provided by Ted Aljibe, AFP


- Animals are fleeing global warming much faster than they were less than a decade ago.
- A study found about 2,000 species are moving north at a rate of more than 15 feet a day.

monarch butterflyMonarch butterflies. New research shows that a range of species are migrating north at an alarming rate to flee warming. Click to enlarge this image.

Climate change appears to be forcing many of the world's creatures to migrate to more favorable locales up to three times faster than previously believed, a study said Thursday.

Researchers compiled past studies on species migration and combined them into a meta-analysis that showed a clear trend toward cooler climates, with the fastest moves in places where heating was most intense.

"These changes are equivalent to animals and plants shifting away from the equator at around 20 centimeters per hour, for every hour of the day, for every day of the year," said project leader Chris Thomas, biology professor at the University of York.


::: Wildlife is much more in tune with our natural world, then we sophisticated humans. Many of us sense when there is need for change, though we don't understand where it comes from. Let's say we are experiencing or feeling a need to move to another city. This could be a suggestion picked up from our subconscious, which still knows the language of our earth. Being consciously disconnected from this language, as most are, could bring confusion. We may feel anxious because of this unknown stirring inside us.

We live about this earth day to day making decisions influenced by suggestions from our collective consciousness, which in this era has been mostly influence by media. Just as we are tapped into whats happening in popular culture, Like what's the popular dress, TV shows, social networks, the language of our natural world is still within us. The first step back to reclaiming our conscious "Earth Speak" is being aware that it is available to us. The second step back is actually a tie to the first; that's Looking to wildlife, as they have never disconnected from the language. They become our teachers.

I appreciate the men and women who create and share the studies, mentioned above. Articles like the above inspire us to become more aware.

Watch Wildlife | Become More In Tuned.

We learn a lot by watching animals. Every Species has it's particular traits.
Did you know certain animals will lay down before a rain. This is just one small example of how we could be tutored back to knowing "Earth Speak". Next time you happen to see a field of cattle laying down, stop and take note, it may rain soon after.

Unfortunately it's no mystery why these creatures are migrating early, we've all been feeling it heat up lately. Not to just beat the heat, but seriously, start watching the animals more closely and you'll begin to thank them for all the messages. :::