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#Yoga , Pranayama-Yoga Intro And Breathing Exercises

by: Noreen
February 25, 2009

Pranayama is the practice of breathing exercises, one of the many parts of yoga. 'Prana' translates into "life force energy" and 'Yama' translates into "control or mastery of". In other words, Pranyama is used to control, cultivate, and modify the art of breathing and energy balance. Pranayama involves breathing techniques practiced in thousands of different ways.

Most of the Yoga Pranayama exercises consist of 4 parts:
1. Inhalation - Puraka
2. Lungs full retention - Antara Kumbhaka
3. Exhalation - Rechaka
4. Lungs empty retention - Bahya kumbhaka

Many of the breathing techniques in pranayama vary the use of these 4 parts and in the earlier stages of learning the retentions are done lightly.

It is only through proper breathing that oxygen is supplied to the various parts of the body and vital organs. Since Pranayama with regular practice improves your breathing technique, it helps your organs which rely on oxygen function better.

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I have been interested in yoga and have been learning
philosophy of a yoga lifestyle off and on for years.
Now It is time  for me again to start learning and re-learning
yoga, so I have decided to start from the beginning.

Plz. join me,
...will try for every Wednesday

plz share any of your
thoughts, knowledge, resources ect.



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