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#BlogActionDay , From Natural Building...

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A natural building involves a range of building systems and materials that place major emphasis on sustainability. Ways of achieving sustainability through natural building focus on durability and the use of minimally-processed, plentiful or renewable resources, as well as those which, while recycled or salvaged, produce healthy living environments and maintain indoor air quality. Natural building tends to rely on human labor, more than technology. As Michael G. Smith observes, it depends on "local ecology, geology and climate; on the character of the particular building site, and on the needs and personalities of the builders and users."[1]

The basis of natural building is the need to lessen the environmental impact of buildings and other supporting systems, without sacrificing comfort, health or aesthetics. To be more sustainable, natural building uses primarily abundantly-available, renewable, reused or recycled materials. The use of rapidly renewable materials is increasingly a focus. In addition to relying on natural building materials, the emphasis on the architectural design is heightened. The orientation of a building, the utilization of local climate and site conditions, the emphasis on natural ventilation through design, fundamentally lessen operational costs and positively impact the environmental. Building compactly and minimizing the ecological footprint is common, as are on-site handling of energy acquisition, on-site water capture, alternate sewage treatment and water reuse.
File:Earthship1.jpg  File:Cob with living roof.jpgFile:Cordwoodhouse.jpg File:Strawbaleconstruction.jpg

...excited for the day when huge main stream contemporary styled public building projects  take on the philosophy and spirit of Natural Building Techniques.

File:Sydney Opera House Sails edit02.jpgFile:Puente Internacional 397.jpgFile:Hemispheric - Valencia, Spain - Jan 2007.jpg

We have the ability,  the  one good thing to take from our industrial evolution is NOW we know what we are capable of.

...could it be our next step in evolution, to come to the realization that we not only have the ability but also the desire to plaster the earth
with her own natural living materials.

Some may say that everything we have made thus far is made from materials from earth, sooo??
I believe we made those materials to serve the purpose of another and not for the purpose
' to be in harmony of our mother earth'.

If we do soon wake up together on this and begin to build as in harmony with her we would become
more and more in-tuned with her.
The wisdom of this massive living wondrous planet could be shared with us.
WOW!! how far could we go??

From living buildings...


...to living spaceships...

what if

...all with the just living in harmony with our world.

this research and discussion
...to be continued...