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...Planting, A Garden Update

Well, another garden update...
the tomatoes were getting a little
tall and they started to fall, so I gathered some
sticks off the ground and stuck them around
each plant.

The idea worked so well, they are all still standing
after last night's downpour...
as they get taller I may have to use twine
to tie around the sticks, will see.

Like last year's garden we raised this one as well,
maybe even higher...
The drainage is GRT! I dug a small trench-like gutter
outlining each plot and last night's heavy rain
was directed right out...
no standing water here.

if you look closely you can see tomatoes have
started to appear
also the chilis ...

looking good!!

HA! Mysticle getting her hands dirty
ohh wait, she has gloves on...
got to stay pretty.

...notice her shadow...
that's Silky.

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