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Materialization of The Sewing Machines

So here's the story.

For a few years now I have been wanting to finalize a few designs of clothing accessories. Not having a sewing machine didn't stop me, it made me think more deeply opon the design. I worked around the need for a sewing machine by designing my pieces with a course hand sewn stiching. The look is rough - the style is all mine. Still wanting to improve the over all quality, I began "wish'n and hope'n" a machine would come along.

Forgetting about the whole idea for like about a year, an artist friend of mine Glenn Lamp, asked if I would like to help him sew cornhole bags. Sew ?? yeah, of course I'll help you, I said. Free sewing lessons woohoo !! That was back in like late Dec. -ish ...now I was back into "I NEED A MACHINE" mode. I began to visualize myself sewing a clutch bag like every day ...which actually brought me to a NEW and much sexier looking clutch ...more about that later : )

One day a few weeks ago, needing to take care of an on going mud-whole situation here at the studio I began digging this ditch.

...so, while in "Deep Thoughts" as usual, connecting with my source, I was in this very light mood, taking my time and enjoying the experience. Took a little brake, enjoyed a nice phone conversation with my sister about my experience connecting, headed back to where I had stopped, grabed the shovel and whent for a deep plung, immediately hitting something solid which I thought was a rock ...WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE ??? I questioned ...well maybe I didn't say 'WE' : ) ...what was this I had unearthed ?? Really ?? I said.

OMG!! LMAO!! GZZ!!! ..this is crazy man. I felt as the equivalent to winning a $10,000 sewing machine sweepstake ...woohoo !!

So, happily blessed and proud I put it on the front porch. Many times a day I would look at it in auh.

After about a week I began to contemplate as to why the sewing machine had manifested in this form ...I could clean it up, tho "how cool IS this machine" I thought ...I love it just as it is ...it's like 'Rat-Rod' of sewing machines ...too awesome to change. Still I really want and need a machine for a very practical purpose. I new this wasn't the machine for the job.

Some may say, that which manifests is in equivalent to the value you believe yourself to be worthy ...pondering on that awhile. ...I gave thanks for this awesome gift that brings me joy everytime I look at it.

A few days ago, while enjoying a bon-fire, a new friend of mine said "Cool sewing machine, I have one like that you could have." ...WHAT ?? I said ..nauh-auh ...Really ?? So now she's getting some great art work ...maybe even a sexy clutch bag too : )

This is it, a Vintage Revere De Luxe Zig Zag sewing machine ..and I love it !!

I've been Googling this machine looking for the operator's manuel ...not sure of its age but the model no. is 666 ...crazy stuff ...if anyone knows anything about this machine ...like how to thread it or whatever PLEASE let me know ...it would be a great help.

...sew that's my little sewing machine story.

...sew, what'cha need sewn ?? harhar : )