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Raven Mist Tree Silhouette #RbSketch

pencil / paper


...working out depth with a sense of atmosphere.

For me the importance of a sketch is to quickly capture the points of interest
or inspired feelings ...local atmosphere is the fastest way to set mood.
In my work conveying mood is much more important then technique.

Here the Raven swooping upward suggest an elevated feeling while the
atmosphere being darker and misty, suggests a calm mellow drama.
Like with color, opposites ...in expressions, will be complementary.
...creating enough interest for the viewer to delve deeper into
the journey before them. If for only a moment the viewer tries to determine
the set mood ...you got their attention. They've entered that feeling
place. That's where I like to take my viewers. So when sketching, worry not
of technique, only of quickly capturing and casting the fleeting impression into expression.

...fleeting impressions ...cast into expressions ...creating an artist