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Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. On Being Observed

REWIRING THE SOUL with Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.: Changing the World: One Person At A Time

So what happens if you change something about your character ?Image via: Changing the World: One Person At A TimePerhaps you become kinder, more considerate, or as I discussed in yesterday's post, less critical, less impatient, less judgemental, etc. Is there not also someone observing this? Perhaps that someone isn't necessarily an individual who knew you the way you were before, but who is merely observing you now, and who has decided that they like the way you are, and want to be like that too. And so they change - at least in this regard - thanks to something they observed about you. - @GabrielaKortsch


::: Live; inspire by action. :::

Some of the greatest 'Teachers' in my life had no intention of fulfilling the role; they would've probably turned it down had I verbally offered it to them : ) Their 'teaching by example' has inspired the same in me.

[[ I wanna be like that ]]

I thank the those 'Teachers' in my life for inspiring me to live by their example, "to live by example". - @Rickbischoff

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