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#SM 4 #Artist Friends: 7 SEO Tips by @SeanSEO

Tips To Share With My Artist Friends and Alike

:::I know a lot of us don't spend much time focusing on this type of thing... If you're into self marketing, then this area of your marketing needs attention.
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7 SEO Tips For Budding Internet Marketers

SEO requires a multifaceted approach. There are so many variables that beginners should learn about and even seasoned professionals continue to learn on a regular basis. It all changes so fast!SEO  Tips
Here are some SEO tips for beginners that want to learn how to optimise their website for search engines.

1. Publish Regularly

The best way to get noticed is to publish consistently.

2. Social Bookmarking

Use social bookmarking tools on everything you publish.

3. Build Networks

Build followers who subscribe to your site and your social feeds.

4. Build Backlinks

One of the most valuable SEO tips you should implement, is to build backlinks regularly.

5. Keyword Research

Figure out what people who buy what you sell are searching for.

6. Write Great Meta Descriptions

Put your keywords into your meta descriptions and write them like a “what’s in it for me” statement.

7. Analyse Your Stats

Figure out which SEO tips are working best. Look at your website statistics reports and see what’s bringing you traffic. Read more at seanseo.com