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Researching Animal Spirit Guides

I have always had a connection with our natural world.
When I spend a little time in nature, on a regular
basis, I can feel her communicating to me
through the plants, animals, insects
and rocks.

Unfortunately I can't make a visit to connect
as often as I would like.
I have found that doing little Devotions, like
reading, drawing, and meditating on or about nature,
can help inspire a connection.

One of my latest daily routines, is to flip through
Animal Spirit Guide books, websites, and cards to find
A totem to meditate on through out the day.

I have decided to create a set of guides of my own
to carry with me wherever I go.
So I have found myself deep in research.
Which animals would make up the most well rounded
group of guides?
That has been quite a question.

Stay tuned
I will share ALL my resources

..as always, please share
Any of your knowlege,
wisdom or resources.