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AWESOME Feeling to Bring A Vision Into Existence!

The Human Potential

...expanding into a global online community
Wow, what an AWESOME feeling to bring a vision into existence!

C. JUNG Vision

Fueled by Heart passion,
I have been longing for a community like this to share with others and to learn with others ...to inspire,
...to be inspired, into the next life-evolving steps.

As I began creating the story of Owl's Journey, (a story of a spiritual avatar on a journey to enlightenment), I was totally thirsting for knowledge.

I wanted everything to be authentic.
The story has, until now, only been of a manifestation through
visual art forms.
Between '03-'07, I exhausted all of the local libraries' content, in my search for information.

I now find myself online - AHHHH it is all here!
...well maybe the literary type of knowledge at least.

So now, after some years on a lone quest, I have reached an awareness that I am not only writing Owl's story,
but also my own.

The Journey is long; I believe it to be infinite. This realization, that the path to knowledge is endless, has been humbling  ....and that the path is not only more fruitful when shared, it is also more fulfilling.

Knowledge, like time, is infinite; it's our perspective of these two truly undefined mysteries that have kept us from truly understanding  them.
Will we one day be able to see NOT from our taught perspectives? ...where could we go from there?
For me, that is 'One to the Infinite' of journeys, to the discovery of
The Human Potential.

Where Owl meets his guides in the
land of pure potentiality,
I now have a place to meet some of mine.

Please visit The Human Potential
now only in its infancy
...like a freshly turned and seeded field, thirsting for its first rain and warm sunshine of enlightenment.
Ready to become a place of gathering - to share, discover and grow into our limitless potential.

On the MAINpage, we'll feature five contributing members
for 6-week period.

On the MAINblog, we will host one featured member's
post each week.

Please join us on this Journey to discover
The Human Potential.

If you would like to share an article or post, to be hosted,
please email us.  A previously written or new post is welcome.


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