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What Makes The Best Profile Pic

UPDATE: 080609

I have just Transformed my Avatar or Profile Pic

So here it is:

...noticing so many different styles that people
are using and wondering
what makes the best pic??

It seems that the avatar has become
a little more important these days, with the age of
social networking.
The profile pic reminds me of a
highway billboard as you're passing by at
high speeds. You have about three seconds
to become interested enough to continue
looking at it, then the billboard has about
another three seconds to explain itself -
who are they, what are they what do they
do - then if they have achieved in gaining your
interest enough you have only a few more
seconds until you pass the exit.

So, with that in mind, I thought I would Update
my avatar...

The reason for choosing the past one
was that in my work I am writing a story of
a character named Owl...

Owl is only visible to us as a black silhouette.
He entered my paintings in 2003 as a young Anasazi.
Since the very beginning I did not want to create
an exact replication of facial features.
The reasoning for that;
I thought if the viewer could not exactly see
the face after a few seconds of analysis they
would begin to create in their own minds who
this figure is. I believe because of that
the viewer becomes more intimately involved with
the painting.

That is why I wanted to use my previous profile pic to begin
introducing Owl. The icon has done well in that it is a
somewhat memorable one.

With altering an avatar that you have been using
for awhile, it is probably wise to not do a complete modification -
so those who know and enjoy you don't overlook you in
an unfamiliar comment box. So I decided to continue using the
silhouette to represent Owl,
and be recognized by everyone that's familiar with it.

I have also noticed that a nice photo of yourself goes a long way.
It seems to help people make a personable connection more quickly,
and quick connection is what is needed.
Therefore, I've added a pic of myself overlaying the silhouette
representation of Owl. From there it gets pretty detailed with how
your head is positioned, lighting, color, endless psychological reasonings ....

So this is what I came up with; let's see how it goes.
Remember, make small changes so your new icon doesn't
get overlooked.

See you in the Featured Members boxes ...everywhere!!





UPDATE -080509

found some helpful links for my question:

-What Makes The Best Profile Pic ??



Yahoo Personals

Games Radar


...do you have a favorite site for
Avatar help ??

plz. @reply @Rickbischoff


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Original Post -080409

...working on a new profile pic

What makes the best profile pic

why is one better than another

what could be gained with a better pic

what does a profile pic say

why care how others perceive your pic

now in this age of social networking our pics

are most of the time seen amongst a mass of others

I would like mine to

get noticed

say something about who I am


I am working on it


click here to restart the journey >>




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