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About The 140Plus

...when it doesn't make the tweet.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to express oneself online.
There's almost a countless amount of blogging platforms these days;
it's nice to trek around the web, meeting and Disqus 'ing with others.
I have an account on many of the most popular social networking sites,
just for the reason that it makes it much easier to comment on the content
and connect with its creator.
twitter, facebook, tumblr, posterous, redgage, etc. all are great sites.
I myself share content on these sites; however, I do like to have a home-base for saving, sharing and furthering discussions of a topic. The 140plus DailyBlog is my home-base.

Like a Collection of About Pages

I find the most inspiring and useful content online. Many of the topics or sites that I share on the #Rb140Plus are already well known by many and are posted in hopes of sparking conversation. If you've discovered something new, want to add too or have any questions about the post, please leave a comment. Start comments with @Rickbischoff and post it as tweet from the comment box.
I use Disqus forum widget, which was built
with social engagement in mind. One could comment on the subject, along with auto-posting it to several social networking sites - with a link pointing back, sparking the potential for further engagement.

Footers; Banners

At the bottom of posts you may see a banner. Click to follow, the banner is pointed to the relative site/ RbPoetic
This footer points to the parent site which is http://rbpoetic.posterous.com/


If I have enjoyed your content and wanted to discuss it further you may also see it here, as a Re-blog.

Please feel free to start a conversation below.

See ya in a Stream, somewhere, sometime ...peace☼