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The Appearance of Raccoon in a Dream

Raccoon made an appearance in my dreams last night...
I believe that when an image makes a large enough impact, within a dream, that you remember it with reverence, could be looked at as a message or guide.

 Image of Raccoon Totem This morning I woke-up thinking about Raccoon and the other elements that accompanied that visit.
Images could say almost anything, it's how you perceive them, how they make you feel when you think of or analyze them. There were many other elements that I can remember, probably so personal that they wouldn't make any sense to anyone reading this post, so I will keep that part to myself.

Animal Spirit Guides or Totems, have been very important to me for a long time, so when I see animal, have an impression or dream of one, I acknowledge it as a message or guide. So this Morning I looked up a few meanings from a couple websites I frequent, and respect. The Meanings are by no means black and white so listen to your heart as you read them, use your own discernment.

Raccoon: A Raccoon totem can teach you how to wear masks for many reasons as the need arises. It can teach you how to mask, disguise and transform yourself. Don't you act differently with your boss, parents, children, husband, friend, strangers. Those are all masks you put on. Masks are one of the tools of transformation.... Read more >>

Raccoon: Raccoon is our comical friend of the dream world. His hands have great dexterity, and raccoon uses them to get himself into all kinds of mischief. His gifts are imagination, inventiveness and intelligence, for raccoon is an amazing problem solver. Raccoon is the perpetual student. The key is to love learning, and raccoon teaches us to observe life with an innate sense of curiosity. Thus, raccoon fully understands a situation before taking action.

...throughout the day I will ponder on this message.