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...Pondering, Human Potential / Ancient Wisdom

...developing from the very moment man first became
aware of himself and of the world, he pondered...

...questions led to answers
answers led to wisdom

...the path to the human potential was discovered.

what truly inspires me about looking into the past...
witnessing the most profound insights of natural law.
It is so amazing what developments the ancient peoples
were making, in tuned with nature, within complete
harmony with our earth.

wellness, foreseeing, intuition, power of intention,
knowing spirit as unity of all, oneness.

From yoga to telepathy; animal spirit guides to astrology...
So many natural developments / technologies have been over-looked
in our most recent societies.
Natural abilities, stifled by a contradictory

Imagine just for a second the natural developments / technologies
of our ancestors weren't interrupted...
Maybe Agriculture would be in harmony of natural earth cycles.
Maybe through astrology we could empower others.
Maybe The internet could have been accessed via telepathy.

We could bring awareness to "ancient wisdom" now and incorporate
it with were we are today, our latest
developments / technologies, and prevail...

may we all reawaken our natural abilities and share
the path with our ancient teachers to discover
our human potential.