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...Reading May 15, Endangered Species Day

Take Friday to Think About Endangered Species

by: National Wildlife Federation

Last week, the Senate passed a resolution declaring today, May 15, as Endangered Species Day. It's a day for all of us wildlife enthusiasts (and those who are still joining the party) to learn about endangered species and their habitats.

I was talking with my colleague and fellow blogger Danielle this morning, and she brought up a great point:

"Everyone knows that panda bears and African elephants are endangered. But do we ever think enough about the Virginia big-eared bat?"

So I did some research and found more than twenty wildlife species that live in my neighborhood, all threatened with extinction.

Today, in honor of Endangered Species Day, @wildlifeaction is tweeting for the Red-cockaded woodpecker, native to the DC-area, and already extinct in nearby Maryland. #speciesday

What animal are you thinking of today?

Just a heads up: "There are currently 1317 species listed in the U.S.: 746 plants and 571 animals. To find out what endangered species are near you, and how you can help, please visit www.fws.gov/endangered."

WOW I knew there were a lot of animals on the list...
THAT is TOOO many.

Lets spread awareness...

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