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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Demands Release of "Saucer Secrets"

FWD. Highlights of Interest :

Apollo Astronaut Demands Release of “Saucer Secrets”

by Dick Farley, capecodtoday Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON, DC — April 19, 2009 — Retired navy captain and Apollo XIV astronaut Edgar Mitchell today called for the U. S. government to disclose to its citizens and other Earthlings what he asserts are the realities of long-standing extraterrestrial visitations and interactions with our planet.

Mitchell and his fellow explorers of what he has called the “Frontiers of Consciousness” have long contended that broader public awareness of the extraterrestrial presence and interactions the astronaut-scientist believes are reality could help promote a “global mind change.”

Mitchell and colleagues assert this could point us toward “planetary transformation,” helping Earth’s culture to mature sufficiently to gain entry into a wider community of civilizations for which they believe abundant evidence exists, now and throughout history, when viewed through a filter in which the claimed extraterrestrial presence is considered.